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How to get a Tummy tuck at Samitivej

A Tummy Tuck is done to remove excess skin and tighten up the abdominal muscles for a better more tones look. The belly button will also be moved to a new place since we are removing part of the skin. You might even end up with a better looking belly button. Some good candidates that will benefit from having a abdominoplasty can be:

  • Men or women that have lost a lot of their weight and are left with a lot of excess skin.
  • Women who have had several births and have trouble getting the belly back to the original shape.
  • Elderly people with not so good abdominal muscle tone.

How is a Tummy tuck performed?

You will be under general anesthetic when the Tummy Tuck is done. This mean that you will not be awake or feel anything during the surgery. To do a Tummy Tuck there are different methods of doing it depending on the result we want to archive and what type of Tummy Tuck that is done.

The most common tummy tuck is done with a incision from hipbone to hopbone along the lower part of your stomach. The skin will be loosened from the abdominal wall up to the ribs to access your ab-muscles. The surgeon will then pull the muscles together and tighten it. Some fat is removed and the excess skin. Then the skin will be reattached over the abdominal area and stitched in place. The bellybutton is then set in the new skin layer.

A operation like this will take about 2 to 3 hours and you will then stay at the hospital for 3 nights for post-op care and monitoring.

How to prepare for my tummy tuck surgery?

There are always case specific instructions to prepare for a Tummy Tuck. You will get instructions from us and the surgeon how to prepare in the upcoming time before the surgery when you have done the evaluation. During the in-person consultation the surgeon will continue to prepare you.

A Tummy tuck is a big surgery and it involves some risks and responsibilities, that is something we all must know. We really want you to know as much as possible about the procedure you are about to do before committing to doing it. There will be things you will be asked to do in order to be in the best possible shape before the surgery so you will have a better recovery and less risk of complication during and after the procedure.

  • Eat a balanced diet in upcoming weeks before the surgery so you are strong and prepared for the surgery. This will help you recover faster.
  • Doing regular exercise and keeping your body in shape will keep your general fitness and metabolic rate up. This will help you not to gain too much weight during the downtime of your recovery.
  • Stop using any tobacco and alcohol at least 2 weeks before and after your surgery since this will inhibit your recovery and healing process.
  • Inform your surgeon if you are using any medications in the evaluation form. Even vitamins, herbal or other supplements as this might compromise the safety of your surgery or recovery.

Stomach reduction surgery risks

The success and satisfaction rate of tummy tuck patients is very high. Each and every surgery is a big surgery that can in a few cases have problems during or after the surgery. Some of the complications can be:

  • A bad reaction to anesthesia. Most healthy people have no problem at all and if any in your family have had a bad reaction to anesthesia, let the surgeon know.
  • Bleeding during surgery. This why it is important to let the surgeon know what medicine, vitamins and supplements you are eating so the surgeon can advice you to stop or change.
  • Deep vein thrombosis & Blood clots. The reason to get up at move soon after surgery is to minimize this risk and to help with healing.
  • Delayed healing. Being healthy and not smoking will help with healing so make sure to stop smoking at least 2 weeks before and after the surgery.
  • Breathing difficulty after surgery. Breathing can painful depending of what kind of surgery you had but it is important that you don’t take shallow breaths just because deep ones is painful. Deep breath will keep your lungs clear and healthy.
  • Infections. A plastic surgery is well prepared and clean and nothing like a emergency surgery. But the risk of infection is still a possibility even if smaller. To minimize that, you are given antibiotic before and after the surgery to help out.

These complications are rare in Tummy Tucks and you can also minimize them by following the pre and pos surgery instructions you are given. It is good to be aware of the possible risks to make a informed decision.

Naturally there will be other things like bruising, swelling at the operated area but that is just normal and temporary. Any pain is controlled by medication prescribed by the surgeon.

Will a tummy tuck give a scar

In most cases a scar from a surgery will become flat and fade away over time. A Tummy tuck will always leave a scar but it is easily hidden where the underwear starts or normal clothes. What our surgeons will do is to make every thing possible to make scars as small as it is possible. Surgery will breask new grounds every day on how to make it better and our surgeons keep up with the latest techniques by attending seminars and learning new techniques.

The time after the Tummy tuck surgery

You should be up and move around already the day after your surgery to help with the healing. After a few days you should be able to get back to work if it is not too demanding.

Stay off demanding activities for the first couple of weeks or so. Strain your abdomen with workout or heavy lifting should be avoided for at least 3 to 4 weeks.

We suggest you stay at least 10 day to be able to do the surgery and have the post-op examination 7 days after the surgery to check up on how things are healing and take the stitches.