Breast Surgery PricesTHB
Breast augmentation up to 400 cc129000
Breast augmentation above 400 cc139000
Endoscopic Breast augmentation165000
Breast Augmentation Tear Drop 100 to 400 CC169000

What is a breast augmentation

Breast augmentation, boob job, breast enlargement is all names for augmentation mammoplasty. This is the most common plastic surgery procedure we do for women here at Samitivej. Whether you feel unhappy with the shape or size of the breast or they just don’t match how you see yourself, a breast augmentation can restore or increase the shape and size with the help of a implant. It will also shape the figure of your whole body.

At Samitivej we have some of the best breast augmentation experts in Bangkok and our team have done this surgeries thousands of times. You have the best conditions to have a great result. Also remember that we have the best surgeons but you are also a big part of this with the healing process. Read and follow the instructions regarding the pre- and post surgery that you get from us and the surgeon carefully.

Best breast implants – Mentor Silicone Implants

At Samitivej we work with high quality implants from Mentor or Silimed. Mentor and Silimed is one of the top brand of implants and they offer a great selection of sizes and profiles.

How is a breast augmentation done

When you do the breast augmentation you will be under general anesthetic and you will not be awake and it takes about 1 to 2 hours to do the surgery. It is common to stay one night at the hospital before being discharged but every patient and situation is different and might require more.
There are different ways of inserting the implant to the breast and some surgeons might prefer one method before another. Two of the most common methods are:

1. Under breast crease incision.

With this technique the surgeon makes a small incision under the breast crease and open up the pocket for the implant. Then slide the implant in. This method will produce a small scar and hide it well under the breast.

2. Under armpit incision.

With this way of inserting an implant the surgeon will make a incision in the armpit and open up the pocket and sliding in the implant from there. This hides the scar well under the armpit.

No matter what method you choose the principle is the same. An implant can be put either behind or in front of the muscle. Your surgeon can advice you what will work best for your breast type.

How to prepare for a boob job

At least two weeks before the surgery you should stop using:

  • Using any tobacco products like cigarettes and other tobacco products.
  • Alcohol
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Birth control medication
  • Other medication. List your medication when you fill out the evaluation form and the surgeon can advice on this.

You must not eat or drink anything at least 8 hours before the surgery, some surgeons can even advice not to eat anything on the day of the surgery.

What are risks of breast implant complications?

Even if it is rare with breast augmentation complications, you should be aware of the risks with a surgery like this. You will be able to talk to the surgeon directly during the consultation to ask and be informed about everything you need to know.

Breast implants is the most common plastic surgery but over a lifetime there is a 5-10% risk of a complication. A complication can be capsular contraction, rippling, double bubble, necrosis or infection. When you have the surgery you will get antibiotic to minimize the risk of infection and this work very well. Our implant of choice is a textured implant round or tear drop shape. This kind of implant reduce the risk of capsular contraction. To even further lower the the risk you will be instructed how to massage your breast to minimize the the risk of capsular contraction and help the healing of the breast. No one can guarantee a complication free surgery but we do everything to minimize the risks and the hospital and surgeons have long experience doing this. It is also important that you are up to the task of the surgery and feel fit enough. Follow the pre- and post surgery instructions given to you by us and the surgeon.

After the surgery is done?

The day after the surgery is done it is important and recommended to get up and move around. After one or two days later you should be able to go out and enjoy the shopping here in Thailand and enjoy the country.

You should keep off physical activity for a few weeks until you feel stronger and heavy lifting should be avoided for the first 3-4 weeks.

Our recommendation is that you stay in Thailand for at least 10 days. This is to be able to do the surgery and have the post-op checkup. The surgery can be done the second day you are in Thailand and the post-op examination is done about 7 days after the surgery.