Plastic Surgery Pricelist


Main Procedures prices

Breast Augmentation up to 400 cc129000
Tummy Tuck less than 80kg150000
VASER Liposuction 3 areas207000
Breast Lift 149000
Full Face Lift259000
Nose Job150000

Breast Procedure prices

Breast Augmentation up to 400 cc129000
Breast Augmentation above 400 cc139000
Endoscopic Breast Augmentation165000
Breast Augmentation Tear Drop up to 400 cc169000
Breast Correction less than 400 cc149000
Breast Correction 400-525 cc159000
Breast Correction 550-800 cc169000
Breast Correction 1,000 cc290000
Breast Lift149000
Breast Lift + Augment 100 to 400 CC249000
Breast Reduction199000
Nipple Reduction35000
Areola Reduction39000

Body Procedure prices

VASER Liposuction 1 point (combination with other procedures)69000
Tummy Tuck less than 80kg150000
Tummy Tuck 80-90kg160000
Tummy Tuck 90-100kg175000
Arm Lift119000
Thigh Lift129000
Buttock Lift129000
Buttock Implant180000

Face Procedure prices

Full Face Lift259000
Neck Lift89000
Midface Lift129000
Midface & Neck Lift205000
Upper Eyelid Surgery39000
Lower Eyelid Surgery39000
Nose Implant39000
Open Rhino Plasty150000

Our prices are from prices, fully inclusive, including consultation, surgery, medicine, implants and 1-4 nights in private room at Samitivej Plastic Surgery Center. For liposuction minimum 2 points are needed to receive our attractive price. If only 1 point is selected the price will be THB 100,000.

****Surgery is paid for in Thai Baht currency